Family reunited by Make-A-Wish


While Anna was going through treatment for a rare brain tumor, she spent months in Tennessee at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. At the start of treatment she was nothing but anxious about what she was going to endure without all of her family by her side. After learning the Make-A-Wish Foundation could make something she dreamed of come true when she completed treatment, she became excited and this changed everything for her!

With her family being split apart in two different states for so long, Anna dreamed of everyone being back together again. Her wish was to spend quality time with her mom, dad, sister and brother in a place she’s dreamt of visiting, Maui, Hawaii.

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Remembering Mikey

By  Aimee McBride, Wish Mom

Five-year-old Mikey loved to play outside with his big brother Parker. He loved motorcycles, his dog “Bo,” and the color blue. After being diagnosed and treated for Wilm’s tumor, a rare kidney cancer, Mikey was given a wish. He wanted to go to Walt Disney World to meet and hug Mickey Mouse, and his wish came true in 2010. Though Mikey passed away from his illness, his family continues to celebrate his life and memory. One special way is through an annual gift and note to Make-A-Wish Central New York sent around the time of Mikey’s birthday. The McBride family’s desire is to continue Mikey’s legacy by supporting the joy-filled wishes of other children with life-threatening medical conditions. We think that’s a beautiful way to remember him and hope you do, too.

Below is this year’s letter from Mikey’s mom, Aimee, who has given us permission to share:

March 8…such a difficult day. They all are, honestly. But the birthdays, those are big…the reminder of what should have been, how old they should be, a reminder of just how much their physical presence is missed in our family. Continue reading

Team Alex and Team Make-A-Wish

By Jim McLaughlin, Wish Dad

Editor’s note: Wish Kid Alex McLaughlin, 11, is running his first Boilermaker 5K via the Charity Bib Program. This will be Alex’s first time with Team Make-A-Wish; his dad, Jim, has run with the team since 2014.

My wife Bonnie and I both started running the Boilermaker about 15 years ago. We have missed a few years here and there, but have each done several 5K’s and 15K’s. If not for the Make-A-Wish Charity Bib, we would probably both be retired from running.

Our son Alex was diagnosed on August 24, 2011 with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). He completed treatment on his 10th birthday, October 24, 2014. Throughout his treatment we became aware of many different charities and fundraisers benefitting many sick children and their families. Make-A-Wish was obviously a major one that granted Alex’s wish to meet his favorite baseball team in 2012. Continue reading

How Lucky We Are

By Coleen Carman, Wish Mom

March is a special month in our home as it not only includes the much celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, but it is also the month that includes our wedding anniversary and, more importantly, Patrick’s birthday on the 24th! Needless to say, it is a month full of celebrating in our family. As part of our celebrating, we want to share our joys and appreciation for all that Make-A-Wish Central New York has given our family… Continue reading

Making Magical Memories

By Kelly Tracy, Wish Mom

On October 5, 2014, our 5-year-old daughter, Violet, had been complaining that her belly hurt for a couple of days. Not one to cry in pain, we were worried there was something besides constipation going on and took her to the local children’s emergency room. Because she could point to exactly where it was hurting her, the doctor wanted an ultrasound done to check her appendix. The appendix looked fine, but the technician noticed an “abnormal mass” in her pelvic area. By the time the doctor had told us this, she had already contacted the Pediatric Hematology-Oncology group in Rochester and let them know we’d be coming up the next day. After consulting with the oncologist, pediatric surgeon, and pediatric gynecologist, she had surgery on October 16 to remove the mass. One agonizing week later, we learned it turned out to be a rare Stage 1C Sertoli-Lydig tumor on her ovary. Continue reading

A Dream For All Of Us

By Angela Guimond, Wish Mom and Wish Granter

My husband and I were thrilled to find out we were pregnant with our third child.  Even more exciting was the fact that it was a boy!  This would make our little family complete. The day came when our son was born and we were thrilled!  He was perfect.  A little blue, but pinked up quickly.  My husband and I went to my room to get some much needed rest as Anthony ‘Tony’ Guimond, was brought to the nursery.

When the nurse checked on me, my husband asked, ‘How’s our boy doing?’  The answer changed our abundant happiness about the birth of our only son to immediate fear and despair. ‘Not good’, was all the nurse said to us. Continue reading

We Love Make-A-Wish!

By Tricia Nortz, Wish Mom

I cannot express how much the Make-A-Wish® Foundation has impacted our family’s life. We were overwhelmed when they granted our daughter’s wish in 2002 when she was diagnosed with a Wilm’s Tumor. We were so amazed and never thought that our son would also be in the position to need a wish in 2014. You never imagine that you will have one sick child, much less two.

Katy - Syracuse LocationIn 2001 our daughter, Katy, was 2 years old. She was not feeling well so we took her to the doctor. Initially, the doctors could not find anything wrong and misdiagnosed her with a summer virus. When she did not get better, they thought maybe it could be pneumonia and admitted her for further testing. My husband and I thought pneumonia was bad enough but when the doctor came in and closed the door we knew it was much worse. The doctor told us that our baby had a cancerous tumor the size of a football growing in her kidney. She was immediately rushed to Syracuse and that began our nightmare. Continue reading