Tyler’s Wish Trip to the Winter X Games

A Lifetime Trip Come True:

Tyler with 2018 X-Games extreme sports athletes.

Despite living with cystic fibrosis, a life-threatening lung condition, 12-year-old Tyler Halpin of Onondaga County loves being active in the outdoors. His favorite sport is snowboarding but, given the opportunity, he’ll also go skiing or snowmobiling – any sport in the snow is just fine!

It’s not hard to understand why, when Make-A-Wish Central New York offered Tyler a wish, snow would be involved…and lots of it!

In January, Tyler traveled with his family to Aspen, Colorado to watch and experience the Winter X Games, a competition of winter sport athletes from around the world. The Stonebridge Inn served as home base during his wish trip, which included meeting ESPN reps, watching skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling competitions from the VIP section, and going snowboarding. Trip highlights included meeting celebrities, taking in a Method Man and Redmond concert, and being a part of the Games’ awards ceremony!

Though he’s been home for a few months now, Tyler’s memories of his very special wish are still fresh. The best part – he has an overflowing bag of X Games “swag,” including some very special new snowboards, to remind him of the amazing experience!







A Dream For All Of Us

By Angela Guimond, Wish Mom and Wish Granter

My husband and I were thrilled to find out we were pregnant with our third child.  Even more exciting was the fact that it was a boy!  This would make our little family complete. The day came when our son was born and we were thrilled!  He was perfect.  A little blue, but pinked up quickly.  My husband and I went to my room to get some much needed rest as Anthony ‘Tony’ Guimond, was brought to the nursery.

When the nurse checked on me, my husband asked, ‘How’s our boy doing?’  The answer changed our abundant happiness about the birth of our only son to immediate fear and despair. ‘Not good’, was all the nurse said to us. Continue reading