Here’s to happy endings

By Steve Burgess, Wish Dad 

Life can change within seconds. Without preparation, warning signs or hints. Our 11-year-old son Daniel was diagnosed with brain cancer in August of 2015. As a father, you learn to cope, but understand things will never be like they were before. Dylan Cousineau Photo

We have seven wonderful kids. Daniel was number five. Four girls, three boys. To give Daniel the greatest chance for survival, my wife and I spent endless nights and weeks away from home with him at a treatment hospital in another city.

111Our oldest daughter took on the responsibility of running the household for a year, in which she was assisted by her younger sister. Both were trying to finish homeschooling high school at the same time. Soon after that challenging year for our family, Daniel’s wish was granted. My wife and I allowed Daniel to choose his wish himself. We were surprised to hear he wanted to see a volcano, but he really wanted to take his family to “that beautiful island.”

In May our family was able to experience the once-in-a-lifetime wish, to visit Hawaii. It is impossible to express how healing it was for all of us. Daniel is now three years post-diagnosis and is getting stronger every day. We are so very thankful. This trip was more than just a “get-away” it was a celebration of family. For us, it provided a special time to enjoy Daniel’s healing and spend time together in a way and in a place that we simply could not have done by ourselves. It refreshed us. Capture

I used to think Make-A-Wish just helped sick children with their “last wish.” I realize now, first hand, how much more than that they are. 

To learn more about Make-A-Wish and to help wishes like Daniel’s come true, be sure to visit



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