Domanic as a Carolina Panther

Domanic wanted nothing but to become a Carolina Panther for just one day. He has been a Panther’s fan for as long as he remembers. The Carolina Panthers were not only special to Domanic, but the team enriched his relationship with his father. Domanic and his father spent time bonding over watching the football games together for years.

When talking aDomanic 5bout his wish experience, Domanic says his favorite parts of the wish experience consisted of being in the locker room with the players and getting to hang out with them, as well as being on the field practicing with the team.His mom says, “Domanic was over the moon excited when Cam Newton gave him a pair of cleats that matched his, and told Domanic there are only two pairs of these in the world, his and Cam’s.” The joy that Domanic and his family experienced, because of how willing and invested the players were in making Domanic’s wish as special as possible, is something that Domanic’s family will cherish forever.

After receiving his wish, Domanic was a celebrity! Everyone in his small home town knew about Domanic’s wish to spend a day with the Carolina Panthers. People admired him and recognized that what he got to do was a once in a lifetime experience. When the family returned to the airport, people were asking to take pictures with Domanic. He had fans, and he was now a representative of his favorite team!

“Domanic’s wish meant the world to us. We couldn’t have asked for anything more. Seeing his wish come true, there are no words to explain what it meant to us.”

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