Remembering Mikey

By  Aimee McBride, Wish Mom

Five-year-old Mikey loved to play outside with his big brother Parker. He loved motorcycles, his dog “Bo,” and the color blue. After being diagnosed and treated for Wilm’s tumor, a rare kidney cancer, Mikey was given a wish. He wanted to go to Walt Disney World to meet and hug Mickey Mouse, and his wish came true in 2010. Though Mikey passed away from his illness, his family continues to celebrate his life and memory. One special way is through an annual gift and note to Make-A-Wish Central New York sent around the time of Mikey’s birthday. The McBride family’s desire is to continue Mikey’s legacy by supporting the joy-filled wishes of other children with life-threatening medical conditions. We think that’s a beautiful way to remember him and hope you do, too.

Below is this year’s letter from Mikey’s mom, Aimee, who has given us permission to share:

March 8…such a difficult day. They all are, honestly. But the birthdays, those are big…the reminder of what should have been, how old they should be, a reminder of just how much their physical presence is missed in our family.

Mikey & Parker at the airport prior to Mikeys wish tripOn these special days, trigger days I guess the grieving call them, not one passes that we don’t try to reach out and do something, even if it’s a small gesture, for someone in Mikey’s memory and in his honor.

I was looking at photos recently, looking for a particular one and came across some of our Disney trip, or I should really call it our “Give Kids the World trip,” as the boys hardly wanted to leave the village to go anyplace else. It was just so magical right there!

Two of my favorite photos are of our Mikey at the Village Pirate and Princess party. I can still remember this interaction between Mikey and the Prate like it was yesterday. Mikey was telling him a story and the laughter between the two of them was priceless. Mikey was so shy at first, but I remember his grin and laughter by the time the two of them were finished talking.

We are so grateful to have had that magical time as a family before Mikey died. It would not have been possible without Make-A-Wish and all the people, volunteers and companies behind this remarkable organization.

Mikey - in the ociean for the first timeIt’s true when they say a parent’s worst fear after their child dies is that he or she will be forgotten, so we try to do little things in this world that will keep Mikey’s memory alive and, equally as important, honor the legacy he left us:  To live fully and without fear, love unconditionally, and laugh hard – from the belly – at every opportunity you have. There was some good stuff packed into that little soul of his!

So we just wanted to say hello, let you know we will always hold you all so close in our hearts, and send this little something in Mikey’s memory.

With love and hugs,

The McBride Family – Aimee, Brian, Parker and Angel Mikey

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