Connor’s Hawaii Wish

By Connor David Stanton, Wish Kid

We left our house around 3:50 in the morning in a limo. We flew from the Syracuse airport to Newark, where we had breakfast. Then was the long flight from Newark to Honolulu, which was between 9 and 11 hours long.

Connor and family

The final flight was from Honolulu to Hilo. Once we got to Hilo, we still had an hour and 45 minute drive to get to our resort. By the time we got there, it was about 8. Our long-awaited trip had finally begun! We hadn’t eaten yet so we had dinner and went to bed.

Connor Stanton Hawaii Wish (3)

The next day was our tour of the island, but first we stopped to fuel up with some breakfast. It was a private tour: just me, my mom, my dad, my sister, and the tour guide. First we got to see some really nice beaches and a little bit of the island. After a lunch break, we got to go see volcanoes. There was an awesome crater called Devil’s Throat and a really cool plant called the ‘Touch Me Not’. When you touch it, it shrinks up. I even got to walk in a lava tube!

Connor Stanton Hawaii Wish (1)

The next day was the luau, but that wasn’t ‘til dinner time, so we went to the beach while we waited. The water was a very light blue. On the beach, I saw crabs, fish, and lots of lava rock. I also saw three sea slugs and a sea snail in some tide pools. Later on at the luau, there was a band, a pig roast, a fire juggler, and some dancing. The next day was our free day, which we spent hanging out on a really nice beach that had warm, light blue water. I saw fish and a sting ray in the water.

Day 4-(free time) Sunset

The next day was our snorkeling trip. We went out on a boat to a “good spot.” When we were snorkeling, we saw fish, coral, sea urchins, and lots of rock. After that we had lunch, then I went down the slide off the boat and jumped off. We saw dolphins and I even got to Day 4-Snorkelingdrive the boat by myself.  After the cruise, we walked around in the town we were in and had dinner; I had shrimp. We finished out the night back at the resort. We couldn’t wait to go zip lining in the morning!

The zip lining place was cool and there were nine lines to go on. I hung upside down. The waterfalls were really pretty, but it was very hot that day. On the trip, I tried a green orange and a ginger flower. They were really good! Day 4-Snorkeling Driving the boat

Sadly, we had to leave the next day. We hope to go again because of how fun it was. My favorite part was snorkeling at our resort and spending time on the boat. Thanks to Make-A-Wish for making it happen!

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