Making Dreams a Reality

By Peter Belyea, President of CXtec and TERACAI

Picture this: More than 100 of your team members are sitting in your office building, surrounded by pink streamers and balloons, with the sounds of Disney music playing overhead. You get word that the Make-A-Wish team has arrived and the anticipation builds as they make their way down the stairs. Wish Kid Lexi, a 10-year-old girl, walks through the doors to the sounds of cheers and applause, with a look of shock and excitement on her face. She is led to a giant box decorated with her favorite hot pink zebra wrapping paper, and as she opens it dozens of balloons float out. Life-sized Mickey and Minnie Mouse balloons appear as the final touch, just as a banner is revealed announcing Lexi will be going on a Disney cruise. Her wish is going to come true and that moment is absolutely priceless. That single moment is what makes wish granting such a worthwhile cause for our organizations, along with so many others in our community.

“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.”

This quote from Walt Disney is a great representation of all the people it takes to help make dreams and wishes come true for local children through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Our Central New York chapter has granted more than 1,600 wishes with the help of their dedicated staff, volunteers, corporate sponsors, and an entire community of people who commit to supporting the cause. As local businesses, it’s important for all of us to give back to the community we call home. What better way than to take part in the fun experience of granting a wish?

Commitment to Our Community

At CXtec and TERACAI, commitment to the community is one of our core values and our team members demonstrate that value in the way they participate in the wish granting experience every year. This year marks the eighth wish that CXtec and TERACAI have helped grant and each one has been incredibly rewarding. Our corporate community involvement is initiated by our team, and we began partnering with Make-A-Wish based off of their feedback and desire to support local children in our community.

Our team looks forward to our wish announcement party every year, and it is one of my favorite days. It is inspiring to see the look on the children’s faces as they enter the room, and to witness their reactions when they learn their special wishes are going to be granted. Personally, I’m also a big fan of all things Disney, so I think Lexi made a great choice for her wish!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

How do wishes come true? Our team hosted the wish announcement party for Lexi and her family this past September. It’s amazing to see the effort and attention to detail it takes to make this party such a magical experience. Our Make-A-Wish committee, made up of CXtec and TERACAI team members, works with the wish granters to include all of the child’s favorite items – from colors, food choices, favorite TV shows and movies, hobbies, and more. The day of the party, the office is abuzz as the team comes together to make sure that everything is perfectly decorated prior to the family arriving.Welcome

To help sponsor wishes, the committee holds an extensive silent auction at our annual holiday party, made possible with generous donations and help from local businesses in our community. Our team always has fun out-bidding each other and competing for favorite auction items. Holiday parties are a great way to celebrate the year in review, but it makes them even more meaningful by including a community initiative.

Lexi has recently returned from her Disney cruise and we’re excited to hear all about her experiences. We are honored to have had the opportunity to work with Make-A-Wish over the years, and look forward to our continued partnership. Having a wish come true is an incredible gift for a child. By taking part in that once-in-a-lifetime experience, we’re the ones who are truly rewarded. It takes people to make the dream a reality. With commitment, community, and the right team behind you, anything is possible.

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